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Navigate through our shop and select the items you want to unlock. For example, if you want to unlock DJ Sona go to our shop and click SKINS, then select its value (3250RP). You will be able to tell us which skin you want in the checkout process, right before payment.

We prepare everything

We send a friend request to your account -this will occur in less than 60 minutes after payment-. Once you accept our friend request, we need to wait 24 hours for the gift function to be unlocked. Fast delivery will be available if you already bought here in the past.

You receive your items

Your order will be automatically sent as soon as gift function gets unlocked. You will receive all the items you bought as normal gifts. Remember that there is a minimum wait time of 24 hours for your first order in our store.

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Frequently asked questions

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What's this? How can you offer cheap prices?

Here you can get cheap League of Legends items. We are actually running on EUW, and we are making efforts to make it to EUNE and NA.

To make our service work, we use 2 different incomes of RP. The first one is promotional coins. This is mainly RP given by Riot as rewards of certain tasks/promotions. The second one is tournament prizes: as we win tournaments, we get RP too.

Visit our shop now and get cheap League of Legends items!

What do you need from me?

We only need your nickname so we can add you to our friendlist. Then all you have to do is accept our friend request. That’s everything!

Can I get banned for buying here?

Absolutely no! All RP we use is legitimate. Also, there is no reason to ban someone for receiving a gift!

Which items can I buy?

You can get this cheap League of Legends items:

  • Champions (choose its price and specify which one you want in the checkout process) – added to your inventory.
  • Skins (Needs to be available in the League of Legends shop. choose its price and specify which one you want in the checkout process.) – added to your inventory.
  • Hextech Chest + Keys packs (not sold individually)
  • Masterwork Chest + Keys packs (not sold individually)
  • Little Legends Series 1, 2 or 3 Rare Eggs
  • Mystery Skins – will add random skins to your inventory.
  • Premium Mystery Skins – will add random +975 RP skins to your inventory.
  • Mystery Champions – will add random skins to your inventory.
  • Vision wards – added to your inventory.
  • Rune pages – added to your inventory.
  • Summoner icons – added to your inventory.

Which items are not available to buy?

These are all the items you can’t buy in our shop.

  • Little Legends (750 RP)
  • Chromas
  • Passes
  • Any type of bundles
  • Emotes
  • Boosts
  • A yatch


We offer you a limited warranty. The warranty covers you from the disappearance of the items. In that case, we will fully replace them. The warranty is lifetime and non transferable.

We can ask you to give us your account or to make a livestream in order to check that your items disappeared. If we don’t get enough proofs for your statements, you will not get refunded.

Please note that the warranty does not cover account bans.

Terms & conditions

Please note that this applies to all the website. Some special products may vary, but we will always specify it.

  • This site does not belong to Riot Games.
  • We must abide by the Riot Games gifting policy.
  • We can’t make refunds.
  • If your items disappeared, you must contact us at as soon as possible. We will give you a full replacement within 48 hours. If you don’t show enough proof of the items being disappeared, we can refuse to assist you.
  • Banned accounts can’t receive gifts. If that is your case, please do not order anything until you get unbanned.
  • You can only receive 10 items every 24 hours. If you order more than 10 items, we will tell you how much time we need to deliver everything.
  • Referral system is only available to unique customers. Repeating customers are not elegible. You and your friend must have unique League of Legends accounts.

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