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Buy this if you want to unlock a skin that is discounted in the League of Legends store. You can tell us which one you want in the checkout process.

We sell all the skins that are available in the official LOL store, not only the ones in the image.

NOTE: This product does not apply to ‘Your Shop’ offers. Those offers are personal and cannot be activated by us.

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  • Please select the value of the skin you want to unlock. You will be able to specify which one you want in the checkout process.
  • Buy discounted lol skins.
  • You will be added to our friend list after the purchase. You must accept our request.
  • You need to have been on our friend list for at least 24 hours in order to be able to receive your items.
  • The player receiving a gift cannot be banned or suspended (this includes Instant Feedback System).
  • If you are ordering a skin, make sure you have unlocked its champion first.
  • Check the sale dates before ordering.
  • We can only gift skins which are available in the official store.
  • We cannot gift skin bundles.